Star Projector Music Turtle Night Light

Product Name:Star Projector Music Turtle Night Light
Specification:star projector and music
AAA *3 pcs or micro charge
color:pink color,blue color,yellow color,green color
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Product Details

  • NIGHT LIGHT: Eases Fear Of The Dark.

  • PROJECTS STARS: Projects A Starry Night Sky With many Constellations.

  • THREE COLORS: Soothing Blue, Green, and Amber.

  • COLORS CHANGE: Automatically Cycles Through Three Colors.

  • AUTO SHUT OFF: 60 Minute Timer Ensures Complete Darkness During Your Child’s Deep Sleep.

  After starting for 1 hour, the lights and concerts are automatically turned off. If you want to see stars again, you can press the ON/OFF button to start it.

  AAA *3 pcs or micro charge power supplier

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