The Flashlight Bomb You Did Not Discuss Buy A Coup

- Jan 10, 2018-

Now, everything is willing to drive a trend, take a popular route. But there are some things we don't want to see it happen, that's a negative trend. Although, in daily media reports, there is no shortage of met coal mine explosion of gunpowder, a car bomb and news, but we really do not want to, small flashlight also a party pooper. So to speak, and not because flashlight "small" don't let it join in the number, not the stubborn think only "big" explosion is worthy of attention, but I really do not want to see, the tragedy happened in you and me of his daily life.

From the statement of Mr. Yi, we can see that he is charged with LED flashlight, then what is the "LED flashlight"? LED flashlight with multi branch diodes, high temperature. Give a person's visual experience is very bright, this is his characteristic. There is he is very energy saving, a number of five battery life more than a dozen hours. The other is magnesium alloy corrosion protection of metal shell, the appearance of small wind rain, very suitable for outdoor use. But this product is the biggest problem is that irradiation distance is very small, generally more than 20 meters. Far from clear. The above is the deficiency of this torch itself. Here are some small factories because of seeing profits also followed the production, prices will continue to decline, resulting in decreased flashlight aluminum alloy material and components. In addition to cater to a lot of people feel the heart, the electric current, let LED more bright. In fact, LED flashlight diode in the entire cost is not the highest, but the shell of magnesium alloy. The main components and processes. Production of the giant component are more formal, more adequate, another process is to say. And some small factory process is very rough. There is LED to the control current, otherwise easily burned. So the choice of LED must pay attention to the above points.

In addition to the difference between LED and single lamp 1W, single lamp 1W is a new light source, and now very popular products abroad. This LED is mainly a lamp, high power design. In addition to the spotlight. If the quality is good, can illuminate more than 100 meters away. But the price is higher. Do well in all of the drive circuit. The appearance is also very beautiful. And the metal oxide film is used as a decorative surface. Wear resistant. The choice of this product must be to see the process and work as well as the size of the factory. Otherwise quality can not guarantee. But the price is high.

The topic and back to the popular trend, and now the flashlight, it is a wide variety of tricks. If readers want to buy, absolutely enough to dazzle you, as far as I know, at present, available in the market: plastic flashlight, LED flashlight, ironhand flashlight, aluminium alloy flashlight, stainless steel flashlight, LED flashlight, environmental protection flashlight, electric mosquito take flashlight, and so on. So, how do we choose a flashlight? Please pay attention to the following four points:
1, look at the battery, there are two kinds of common batteries and lithium, although the lithium rechargeable battery, but life is low, about 2 years, led the life of about 10 years, according to the actual situation to choose.
2, to see the light bulb, the light bulb goes out, the naked eye is very difficult to distinguish between the good and bad, you can see the light bulb in the consistency.
3, look at the aperture, good flashlight aperture for a circular uniform, poor LED flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue uneven distribution.
4, look at the brightness, good flashlight brightness, slow decay.
5, see waterproof, good flashlight with waterproof function, seismic performance is good, that is resistant to fall.