Take A Flashlight To Prevent The Hook And Prevent The Wolf''

- Nov 28, 2017-

To prevent the occurrence of robbery cases, the core of the residents of the individual is an easy to be overlooked areas.
Here, the police remind you, anti robbery as flashlight laser sword. Flashlight self anti robbery operation, is refers to when to go out alone at night using flashlight lamp light and a cylinder body short BAT function to prevent grab a self-protection methods. Relevant units were carried out experiments, in the eyes after being illuminated by a flashlight, the most complete recovery of vision also takes 60 seconds. In addition to the eyes of the criminal suspect has the stimulation of non permanent, on the psychological were effective against, and by virtue of the light of the flashlight, is easy to be encroached observation of the physical characteristics of the suspects, was arrested and identified the suspect to help.
In addition, the torch has short BAT function, can be in danger as against the use of self-defense. There is a saying: "flashlight, light must shine; walk at night, not falter; meet gangsters, the heart don't panic; according to the eyes, kicked the crotch; scratch his face, remember the appearance; emergency pledge rod; lesbian, anti wolf."