Less Than Ten Years LED Is Expected To Replace The Traditional Lighting 100%?

- Aug 05, 2017-

The new LED lighting technology, is expected to replace the human use of nearly one hundred years of traditional lighting technology. Due to the global energy shortage, environmental protection and energy saving of the light industry is getting more and more attention. So what is the new trend in the future of the LED market?

From TV, lamps, automobiles, agriculture to medical equipment, lighting technology in our daily life to use in a wide range of areas. Due to the shortage of energy and environmental pollution, the advanced light industry market is getting more and more attention.

Han Guoguang, executive vice president of Zhao Rongzhen industry revitalization, "because the world has recognized the safety of nuclear power plants, so the future of energy saving LED will dominate the global light industry market, involving the field of light will be rapid development."

Due to the active participation of large companies and related companies, the Korean optical industry has a leap forward development. At the beginning of the LED technology used in the family of lamps, and later developed to many areas of the outdoor industry. And in this process, South Korean companies to the leading technology began to dominate the market. South Korean companies in the Japanese market has become the main source of supply, in the Americas is also expanding market. Han Guangzhou mayor Jiang Yuntai: "with LED not only can diagnose disease, also can treat disease. I think the industry continues to develop, the integration of various related industries, will become the creation of the economy in South korea."

Experts predict that less than ten years, all the world's lighting is replaced by LED. Light industry has become the key words to solve the energy and environmental problems, it is a huge market potential and broad prospects for people's expectations.