LED Shining Down On The ''yes And No''

- Jun 16, 2017-

In the low carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection, the Chinese government vigorously promote the development of LED energy saving lighting industry, the national policies and market rules to boost the role, making the development of LED lighting industry is highly promising. Driven by the huge potential benefits, many enterprises have set up industrial development policies to promote the rapid development of LED lighting industry. Recently, the China Academy of urban construction urban lighting planning director, chief engineer Guo Wenjun, over the past few years more fiery LED lighting industry development: the some of his views and opinions.

Improving people's life with meaningful illumination
In my view, this topic has always been, but also to do, different environments require different lighting environment, but the same purpose is comfortable and healthy. This topic may wish to change to improve the combination of science and technology and lighting to enhance the quality of life of people". The progress of the lighting for more than 100 years in innovation, but at this stage, more technology and way of life, the last century 80's, there will be no intelligent control of lighting. Here do not be limited to lighting, more ways to enhance the combination of lighting and lighting. Intelligent control systems like now, stage lighting, computer software systems and intelligent control of the combination of light, in the phone can control the light and color, etc., are not just the lighting in innovation. Many manufacturers in the near future are introduced to me, their products can color temperature, mostly from the 2800K-5000K. And I early will see from the 1700K-4500K color temperature of light source module, which can bring from enjoying a candlelight dinner in the light environment to the transformation of modern office environment. This is not the lighting to improve people's quality of life?

LED lighting has replaced the traditional lighting?
Traditional lighting and LED lighting has been no conflict, in my visit to the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries, in fact, there is no such argument, because the means of artificial intelligence is always to improve people's living water, in the absence of natural light or dark clouds to enjoy the comfort of artificial intelligence. LED is known as the fourth generation of light source, it is the same as the high-tech PC, is to improve people's living quality and exist, and we need to do the lighting practitioners how to use her scientific and reasonable. So we can not talk about the replacement of incandescent lamp for so many years, we are not in use, the future market will have incandescent lamps, halogen light source used in some places, we do not always think of alternative, science in a step by step progress and development.

About the technical problems of LED lighting for all of us.
The COB light source is more like a "class light source". She can be better for the two or three optical design, do not have the overall effect of the whole lamp. More important is how many useful light irradiation in the irradiated objects, objects into shadow cob source than single crystals encapsulated or a combination of the lamps and lanterns more clear spot without noise and mixed picture.
The lens is better than the reflective cup to control the glare. Don't let the extra light point to the human eye. There is a suitable way to control the light loss rate.
The light source of packaging technology and materials to improve and improve, can improve the light source area, the reduction of thermal resistance, color tolerance smaller, color, and the phenomenon of the phenomenon of color and other issues. So as to change the heat dissipation and the volume of the lamp. Treatment to cure, there will be no lobby lighting, high bar lighting, what can not replace the halogen lamp 70W above to 300W (to modify the original lamp hole bit size specifications) and other issues. The overall lighting problem of the capital airport terminal T3 can be solved.
Do not always according to the phenomenon of the surface to mention the problem and not to propose solutions, such as what the blue light, color fading color drift and other issues, is still entangled. Quantum dot lighting and fluorescent powder process control can effectively solve these problems.