LED Lighting Intelligent Business Gradually Clear

- Dec 15, 2016-

Since 1990s, with the rapid development of the lighting industry, the concept of smart lighting gradually appeared in the industry, but due to the impact of market consumption awareness, market environment, product prices, promotion efforts, intelligent lighting has been in a slow development stage. In recent years, the global energy conservation efficiency, the European and American government, led by the introduction of new energy regulations, such as the U.S. government to increase tax subsidies, encourage enterprises to change lighting system; California introduction of new buildings, the requirements of lighting power density must be strictly in accordance with the standards of building automatic adjustment system, will be prohibited from manual control; EU energy directive set up 20-20-20 goal, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, 20% of energy consumption, and increase the proportion of renewable energy 20%. All kinds of policies to promote the international LED lighting brand enterprise to strengthen the deployment of LED lighting scheme can adjust the brightness of the light, and thus to drive the development of smart lighting boom.

In China, although the current intelligent control has not yet formed the scale of the consumer market, but most of the lighting companies have seen the trend of smart lighting, and actively move closer. On the one hand, energy regulations strictly limit the enterprise, family power consumption, simple replacement LED light bulb has been difficult to meet the increasingly stringent requirements, therefore, LED lighting manufacturers began to vigorously promote the environment automatically adjust the brightness of intelligent lighting control system, to further enhance the power saving ability of LED lighting system, and strive to develop intelligent control products. At the same time, enterprises in the channel construction has been exploring for the development of the industry model. As a result, the product is increasing, the function of the product and the stability of the product have been made great progress. On the other hand, enterprises, designers, engineering companies and other organizations are also actively guide consumers to accept and recognize the smart lighting products, and promote the rapid development of smart lighting.

Business highlights, intelligent lighting has become an inevitable trend

Since entering in twenty-first Century, China's national economy has been rapid development, the real estate industry is by leaps and bounds. With the real estate industry is closely related to the lighting industry is also facing great opportunities and competition to seek innovation and breakthrough, and thus the emergence of a variety of technology manufacturers, the voice of intelligent products is growing, especially the combination of lamps and intelligent control systems, has become the most competitive products in the lighting solutions.

According to PHILPS's official data projections, 2020 global lighting market revenue size will reach 90000000000 euros. Among them, up to 57.4% of revenue ratio from LED lamps and control systems, this revenue will become the most important source of revenue for LED suppliers. According to authoritative agency data show that the global smart lighting output value in 2013 has reached $91000000, in 2014 is expected to grow rapidly doubled to 300000000 to $250000000, 2019 will be developed to 1471000000 U.S. dollars. Currently the European region for the largest smart lighting market, especially in commercial buildings, outdoor lighting and automotive applications, North America is the second largest market, attracting more and more local LED companies to invest in smart lighting products, and the Asia Pacific market is regarded as the most development potential of the emerging market, 2013 to 2018 related output value growth rate will reach 37.7%.

In the face of intelligent lighting the new blue ocean, a lot of the lighting industry giants have been redoubling its efforts to planning and mutual alliance, and seek common development. Dialog, En Zhipu, Italian and other LED driver IC developers, also proposed the inclusion of chips, networking technology communication protocols and application software design, in order to reduce the LED lighting system to develop intelligent lighting products and the overall cost of BOM.

Once there was this description of the relationship between LED and intelligent systems: LED lighting as a Porsche, in the countryside on the dirt road may have little difference with the tractor, but if we take a road, and Porsche sold to the user, it will make the user feel more convenient and enjoy more." But how to repair the road, the road will encounter what kind of problem, which is the problem to be faced. Also, how to use the characteristics of good LED to break the bottleneck of intelligent lighting, is a problem for every lighting enterprise need to think. At present, there are some achievements in the field of intelligent lighting enterprises, how to further enhance the technology, improve the overall control of the system, and how to better combine the system with lamps, the use of better control of the system and the use of lights, so as to make intelligent lighting control real.

And the line and thinking, do not let the intelligent system into gorgeous decoration

Despite the industry's consistent optimistic about the prospects for the development of smart lighting, domestic and foreign giants are also committed to promoting the development of intelligent lighting, but smart lighting for most ordinary consumers, is still a strange term". At present, a lot of enterprise intelligent control system products are still in the stage of research and development, and has been to the market most products are only applied to hotels, clubs, villas and other high-end commercial premises, the application is not widespread. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the technology is not mature enough, the overall intelligent control system cost is too high, but for ordinary consumers, intelligent control system has not been popular, become a necessity, the main reason is that the intelligent control system is not practical.

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