LED Flashlight: Small Product Big Market

- May 23, 2017-

Ya'an earthquake, many enterprises have overnight rushed flashlight sent to disaster owed to get attention in the lighting industry. But we are not on the flashlight product itself too much attention.
Indeed, compared to the LED bulb, panel lights, spotlights and other conventional lighting lamp, LED flashlight too humble. Into the professional lighting City, scan widely to hope to go are bulbs, spotlight, downlight, lamps, etc. home lighting products or business, engineering, lighting products, to find LED flashlight is not easy, hardware store may have its place, but has not accounted for the mainstream.
LED flashlight looks small, almost any enterprise can produce, but to make the brand is not easy, so many lighting companies are not willing to set foot in. However, this does not mean that the production of LED flashlight companies will not profit, the professional production of LED flashlight business annual revenue data, often surprising.

LED light source obvious advantages
"The bulb, lamp and other products is as an important part of the house lighting, usually supporting the sale, shipments are large while the torch is as ordinary lighting tools, in general, to a single retail based. Shenzhen City Hardware Store Mr Lin told reporters.
"LED flashlight compared to ordinary lighting lamps, accessories are relatively small, production is not difficult." Lin told reporters that the company can do the lamps and lanterns, and the enterprise is designed to do a flashlight, do not do other lighting lamps.
Currently on the market are generally flashlight halogen lamp, xenon lamp and LED several light sources.
Compared with other light sources, LED has obvious advantages. As LED products gradually by the vast number of consumers understand, LED flashlight market size is also growing, and gradually become the mainstream market.
According to the LED manufacturer Miss Wang introduction, led service life of up to 100000 hours, five years do not need to consider replacing the light bulb, life is very long; in addition, using LED packaging technology to specialize in ordinary xenon bulbs flashlight, not because of the drop in the broken bulb; furthermore, led not only high light efficiency, and can instantly transform brightness, conducive to the pattern conversion.
Jiangxi paili Lighting Co., Ltd. sales manager Miss Lau told reporters: "nowadays, many flashlight enterprises began to change the mode of production, led the use of more flashlight, like we have been specializing in the production of LED flashlight".

Market competition pressure
As an important part of the field of lighting segments, LED flashlight production enterprise strength is relatively balanced, and there is no single big or industry monopoly this phenomenon.
According to the reporter survey found that, at present LED flashlight do more outstanding enterprises, tiger head, long Shenhuo etc.. These companies are generally professional to do a flashlight, LED other lighting in the field has not been too much.
And like Philips, OSRAM, NVC and other well-known enterprises, although they in the LED lighting industry the achievements, but in the field of LED flashlight seldom participate.
Reporters visited Shenzhen City, the major lighting stores and hardware stores found that the market, these big brands of flashlight although there are, but did not account for the mainstream, but rather a long time, YAGE and other brands to occupy the market.
"In fact, the well-known lighting companies will produce LED flashlight, but compared to other products, they spend the energy is very little." According to industry insiders told reporters, the technical content of the LED flashlight is not high, large enterprises are generally take the way of oem.
In the case of the flashlight, it is not easy to have a breakthrough in the design, product hardness and product performance can be excellent if you can do, a flashlight can come out. Reporters learned that the most important flashlight flashlight is to solve the problem, there is no other technical restrictions.
Because the technology threshold is not high LED flashlight, so many companies can intervene in this industry. The big brand companies themselves occupy a technological advantage, they do not need to go with the torch for a long time.
According to reports, LED lighting products OEM phenomenon is widespread, in the LED flashlight OEM phenomenon more serious, many small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises OEM.
It is PHILPS these large enterprises to participate in the efforts of small, to give some business opportunities for development. According to the company's best companies to sell more than a month to sell more than 100000 of the flashlight is a very common situation, to reach a million in the year of turnover is not difficult.