Google Science Fair: 15 Year Old Girl With A Flashlight

- May 31, 2018-

Google science fair's award-winning works demonstrate the infinite potential of young people in the invention and creation, exciting.
How many times have you tried to turn on the flashlight to find out that the battery has run out? Well, now, as long as the heat on your hand can easily get. Need to use the thing is very simple - you must be alive, and the body warm.
(Makosinski Ann), the 15 year old Ann Macousinski (a), she came from Canada. Her flashlight at the annual Google science fair was praised, is one of the four winning entries.
The creative Google science fair highlight around the world, received a total of more than a thousand copies of inventions. First prize $50000 scholarship won the Eric Chen Eric Chen San Diego. His invention is used a computer model to invent new flu medicine.
Mr. Chen is only 17 years old, has been trying to save the world. He uses a super computer and biological experiment to try to find a way to invent the flu inhibitor before the next flu pandemic.
Australia's 14 year old Vine Kumar (Kumar Vuney) in the 13-14 age group to win. She developed a Android application, can be in an ambulance or other emergency vehicles approaching, 70 seconds ahead of the notice to inform the driver.
The name of the application is PART, which uses GPS data to allow drivers to have enough time to make way and reduce the likelihood of a traffic jam.
At the age of 16 Aliff Bilgin elif Bilgin from Turkey, because successfully from banana peel extract bio plastics and gains award. The aim of the invention is to reduce the use of plastic from oil extraction.

Google science fair winning entries: do not use a battery flashlight
At the same time, Macao Hinsch will want to use the Parr post electric heating chip manufacturing flashlight, this element in both sides of the temperature is not at the same time will generate electricity.
So she designed the flashlight as a hollow structure, while the use of palm temperature heating, while the other side is the use of hollow design for air cooling, and then through the voltage amplification circuit, the generated current can drive 3 LED light bulbs.
If the flashlight is cheap enough, it can help people in developing countries to help those who do not use electricity or light at night. (Si Mei)