Flashlight Function Application

- Sep 27, 2018-

1, short - (flash or voice) (one second)
2, Li Long (flash or sound) (3 seconds)
3, instruction flash or sound interval 2-3 seconds
30, instruction flash or sound interval of 4 seconds or more
International general SOS urgent appeal: three short, three long, three short, one minute after continue to repeat.
International general Alpine emergency help: six short, a minute later to continue to repeat.
The international general Alpine emergency signal and the international general SOS emergency signal can be common, but the 6 short signal belongs to the alpine signal, SOS is a common signal.
Communication (T): Exergy for the team to determine the range between, on receiving the signal issued on behalf of the received signal;
Set (U): - - - to set the direction of signal;
The (V): a team of travel, said a speeding - - rest said;
Before waiting for the team (W): - anthraquinone procession for long distance, waiting for the team after former team requirements;
Request support (s):]]] when encounter difficulties need to ask for help when issued, the received signal in communication (T) sound reply said will go to support;
For help (SOS): - - - - - - - - - this is the international general SOS code.
Reporting range, and team before or after the team: Lianshan] if you have not received the response signal, a minute later can repeat; after receiving the signal, response signal report peace: three short, a minute can be repeated.
Above signal, everyone wants to know the meaning, but not recklessly, in addition to the rescue signal, signal and other general by before, during and after the staff issued.