- Mar 14, 2018-

The flashlight is a kind of life day that people are very familiar with, almost every family have, everybody uses. When I was young, I had a flashlight is a glorious thing. Night with out unscrew switch to a distant light, like a white cylindrical, evil spirit it is good-looking, evil spirit it is awe inspiring.

The home of the flashlight is old-fashioned, with the child's arm weight, more than 20 cm long. With two batteries. On the use of electricity in the last century, the saving. Many of the places on the lights, light up the area is not bright. The role of the flashlight highlights. For example a three shift, night shift shift has a flashlight lighting, would be the most convenient. Not afraid of the road, not afraid, not afraid of a bad man, the family also assured. Our compound when using public toilet, two latrines in the side walls behind, originally light is poor, touch electric lighting bad did not timely change, is dark. A lot of people go to the bathroom to get a box of matches, to change the edge of the situation to identify. The day was okay, in the wind and rain, the match can not point. At this point, the torch is used on the field.

Childhood, there is no more play toys, often the home of flashlight out, catch a cricket, dig a nest, drill a cave, playing "hide and seek" what. Sometimes together everywhere, with light "fight", "hoop", than play roll hit "slingshot" much stronger. But this play is mostly short-lived. Because of the battery. A section of the battery in the impression that more than two of the hair. Need at least two flashlights, fun to play, a night of electricity used almost the same. Grown-ups will never let their children be so extravagant. So there are some people's flashlight is locked in a drawer, not to take.

Later, the replacement of the flashlight, not only improve the performance, and a new kind of sample. Pocket type is one of them. Thumb finger thickness, put two No. five batteries. Beautiful appearance is very beautiful, put in the pocket is very convenient. I've been expecting such a flashlight, but it's hard to see the market. One year, a rural family came to the village, said the supply and marketing cooperatives. I was so happy that he had to take one of the next time he came. He again but Shuangshouyitan said: out of stock. I do not understand what is out of stock, but also after he kept asking. Wanted to make it funny and pathetic.

In college, the dormitory next door a man unexpectedly to a four batteries of big torch, across the glass a beam straight out, like searchlights. Later, his father was a guard, with such a special tool. When the power failure, they put the flashlight hanging on the ceiling, as the day, the reading and reading, the office, a little bit not affected, really envy.

Now more and more types of flashlight, performance is more rapidly. The child is no longer rare, the use is not as wide as before. But it's a good thing, but it's a good thing. There is a critical moment, the torch be prepared against want, in what role!