Electricity Suppliers Impact LED Lighting Store European Lamp Monopoly Store Turned Monopoly Area Helpless

- Sep 27, 2016-

OFweek semiconductor lighting network to enter the new normal, the sharp drop in the cost, the European lamp store and put into a huge, etc., so that the original store is difficult to feed, have turned monopoly, business tends to diversify. At the same time, the inventory on the move, the manufacturers increased funding pressures, in order to compete for the market, and even brand manufacturers have begun to fight the price war. To brand do not sell, European style lights from the nobility to the change of civilians.

European style lamps originated in the European classical style art, is a luxury elegant pronoun, at first popular in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan, and later slowly penetrate into the mainland of china. 2007, in manufacturers marriage under, since the rise of the European style lights store model, super stores in three or four years of European style lamp stores more and more, ranging from San wubai square, first Qianjiqian, the area is more and more big, decoration is luxurious, store seems to become European style lights to break the market tight encirclement of the best way.

Furniture, soft furnishings, jewelry store mode

As crystal lamp, American lamps and other lighting, European style lights the first consumer groups in Europe and transfer of soil and water into the Chinese market, can be said that not everyone likes the. Not everyone is going to buy it. Consumers need to have a certain understanding of Europe and the United States culture and recognition, and have a certain ability to consume, which study abroad returnees groups, recognized by European and American culture of designers, white-collar workers, European style villa owners, European style decoration style preferences, etc..

This part of the population more emphasis on cultural and more willing to spend money, and businesses, in fact, not selling materials, but selling process, selling culture and atmosphere, and the material is no longer the core competitiveness, but technology and culture, creativity can let the lamp has the characteristics of Xingshenjianbei, full of magic, and the value of European style lights need space to show to be reflected. Therefore, the combination of European furniture, soft furnishings, jewelry store sales have been rising, furniture, soft furnishings, jewelry three is now the trend of European lamp brand stores, and businesses to create an atmosphere, and even can be packaged together.

In manufacturers of marriage under, since 2007 store model since the rise of, super stores in three or four years of European style lamp stores more and more, ranging from San wubai square, first Qianjiqian, the area is more and more big, decoration is luxurious, monopoly model become the main form of the European style lights enterprise brand terminal display. At the same time, furniture, jewelry have entered the European light shop, in order to create a strong sense of the European style home environment. At the same time, the European style lights stores began to rise, store area is more and more big, store decoration is becoming more and more luxury, store seems to have become European style lamps market tight encirclement of the best way to breakthrough.

"Store" turned "monopoly area"

However, European style lights stores set up in a second tier market and its investment unusually large, according to 500 square metres of all the costs add up to millions, if in the gold a sector of an area north of Guangzhou and other cities, but also a third. Although European style lights to the transparency of its price low, high profit space, consumer groups to climb, but this tremendous investment become European style lights businesses of the biggest constraints.

In addition, European style lights store to store image have very high requirements, to ensure the profitability of a single shop, rich product support and channel development is also crucial. In fact, European style lights store road is not easy, whether manufacturers or businesses, the creation of European style lights store pressure is very big, the economic good fashion can support, but a crisis, stores immediately stretched.

Into the 2014, the economy into the new normal, the industry downturn, the rise of the electricity business, the sales target crowd is narrow, the sales cycle is too long, the first tier cities demand atrophy, business days are not good. To Shenyang market, for example, the store has become a monopoly of the store quietly into the store, the store for the rich product category, the introduction of different brands of decorative lights, to meet the needs of different consumers. At present, most of the European style lamp store retail oriented, but also a small part of the wholesale.

Also the original European style lights for the high-end crowd, suitable for high-end villas, clubs, for the county level city wholesale, usually is the retail route to go. With the increasingly fierce competition, the first line of European light store began to walk on two legs, on the one hand is the store retail; on the one hand for the city of Shenyang and the surrounding high-end villas and senior clubs, etc., and the beginning of the decoration companies and designers cooperation.