Analysis Of The Characteristics Of The Flashlight

- Mar 13, 2017-

Characteristics of ordinary flashlight:
1, strong and durable
A. drop, shock, 10 floor free fall wrestling is not bad
B. is not afraid of car pressure
C. can be used as a baton
2, anti aging, anti chemical corrosion, of course, never rust
3, explosion-proof - chemical plants, coal mines, gas stations, laboratories and fire PAGE5
4, waterproof - suitable for tourism, boating, fishing, especially diving
5, no electricity, no heat, no static electricity, suitable for power distribution room, North and south polar
6, easy to carry: metal flashlight light, ergonomic design, easy to grip, will not tilt on the dashboard of rolling
7, safety and quality certification: not broken, sealed, and catalytic particles, hydrogen gas PAGE4
8, light bulb:
A. pre focusing - always parallel beam PAGE5
B. laser - light bulb, no heating, bright and power-saving than ordinary bulb.
9, annex: bring the ring, clothes clip and hand pull rope. Other accessories are available
The world's most rugged, the brightest, the most reliable, most comfortable using submersible type flashlight. The torch is walking at night, take a camp tie Zhai and boating trips and other activities of the most appropriate and most perfect lighting tool, also the flashlight has strong industrial characteristics, resistance to chemical corrosion, anti fall, explosion-proof, hydraulic waterproof and bright parallel laser beam can penetrate water, smoke, fog and dust, each a pelican flashlight unconditionally lifetime warranty.
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LED flashlight is the advantage of the ordinary flashlight:
1, long service life

Since the birth of LED, it is the most famous of its extraordinary service life. According to the information provided by LED manufacturers, LED service life can be up to 100000 hours or more, almost without considering the problem of replacing the light bulb

2, durability
 Compared with the previous light body, LED has a stronger durability. Xenon bulb flashlight a through the drop is likely to lead to the lighting circuit breaker or broken phenomenon, LED flashlight, don't need to consider this phenomenon (limit height). It uses the packaging technology can protect the safety of light bulbs.

3, multi mode
 Another major feature of LED is able to instantly transform the brightness of the flashlight, which is mode conversion possible. With the application of LED, began a multi mode flashlight, such as the application of S.O.S and flash technology can be better.