Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight

Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight

·【ANYFONG FULL-METAL】:high-bright flashlight adopts reinforced aviation-grade aluminum alloy, not only for better heat dissipation and to extend the life of the flashlight, but also extremely durable and abrasion resistant. It can even be used for self-defense at critical moments.
·【7500mAh large-capacity rechargeable 26650 lithium ion battery】:When fully charged, it runs at the highest brightness for up to 2 hours, and works continuously for at least 24 hours in low light mode.
·【IP68 waterproof construction】:After undergoing strict waterproof tests, this rechargeable flashlight is not afraid of getting wet, showing strong adaptability under various severe weather conditions. Perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, strolling and night patrol.
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Inspection Beam Penlight LED Flashlight


✪【UPGRADED BRIGHTNESS】:With premium XPH50 lamp bead which is more much brighter and durable than those T and L series, the max beam distance can be up to 300m / 984ft, while its service life can be up to 50000 hours. Five brightness modes are available: High/ Medium/ Low/ Strobe / SOS. Zooming in/out and switching modes can be done single-handedly. NOTE: Please take out the insulation tablet and fully charge the flashlight before first use. As soon as the green light is on charging is complete.

✪【IP68 WATERPROOF DESIGN AND AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM ALLOY CONSTRUCTU】:Feel free to use this high lumens flashlight in moist environment as to its external structure adopts a high-grade waterproof design. Perfect for camping, expedition, cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. NOTE: Please don’t totally immerse in the flashlight because it’s not intended for underwater use.

✪【NEVER SHINE THE LIGHT AT YOUR EYES】:The maximum output brightness of this flash light within 5 meters is equivalent to sunlight, so under no circumstances should you use your own eyes to test the brightness of this flashlight, even out of curiosity, to prevent potential injuries. And don’t direct the light at others’ eyes.

✪【UPGRADED POWER】. 7500mAh USB RECHARGEABLE 26650 LITHIUM-ION BATTERY IS INCLUDED. Built-in USB input and output interface, while providing long-lasting power support to flashlight, it can also be served as a backup power source to charge your phones and other mobile devices. After being fully charged, this rechargeable flashlight is capable of outputting light of highest brightness for up to 2 hours. The data is true and credible. Unlike other products, we don’t exaggerate any of the parameters.

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