USB Rechargeable Keychain Light

USB Rechargeable Keychain Light

·【Bright LED Light】:Hold the button,LED light on; Release it,LED light off.
·【Replace The Battery】:1.Remove the cover on the back with screwdriver, remove the old battery and install the new battery in the correct polarity direction of the battery.2.Test the function of alarm,after the function is normal,install the back and tighten the screw.
·【How To Use】:Please pull out the pin on the top of the equipment,it alarms immediately and flashes; Insert the pin, it stops alarm.
·【For Kids】:When your children go home from school alone, or go out alone. This personal alarm will protect her better.
·【For Women】:When women walk alone on the night road, this alarm can scare away the satyr at a critical juncture and seek for help.
·【For Elder】:The old man is more fragile and can use this alarm to get the attention of others when she falls. Seek help immediately.
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USB rechargeable Keychain light

*【USB RECHARGEABLE】: This practical personal protection alarm keychain is easy to recharge using the simple USB cable connected to your laptop or power bank. That means no more time and money wasted on buying batteries. The charging time is only 30 minutes and the device can be used in standby up to a year.

*【EASY TO USE】: Our Safesound personal security device can be triggered either by pushing twice on the side button or by pulling out the keychain. It will emit a 130 dB sound and bright light that are easy to perceive by anyone around.

*【YOUR SOLUTION】: You will never be afraid to walk alone at night with our amazing SOS keychain alarm! If triggered, this amazing device will start producing a loud noise and intermittent flashing light that can alert people around that you are in danger.

*【COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT】: Our self alarm keychain measures only 5.3 x 1.4-inch. It is lightweight, compact, and very easy to carry in your bag or wallet. It comes with a practical keychain so you can connect it to your keys or belt.

*【DESIGNED FOR YOU】: This stunning alarm protection is a must-have for women, kids, and seniors. Whether you are scared of being left alone at home, being bullied, robbed, or simply walking down the street at night, this protection safety device is a great option that can make you feel safer and ensure top protection at the same time.

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