What is spotlight?

- Sep 06, 2018-

Concentrated led glare flashlight, everyday refers to the use of concentrated light or mirrors. Concentration We actually said that the central spotlight of the glare flashlight is brighter, the center point is very bright, and the edge brightness is low. Now it is a popular flashlight.
The central spot beam is concentrated, the diffuse light of the flooding area is relatively small, the viewing angle is small, the irradiation area is small, and the range is narrow. The center spot is small and strong, and the long-range effect is very good. A mirror (glossy) reflector is usually used with a small core LED. The diameter and depth (height) of the reflector directly affect the degree of concentration. The curve design of the reflector determines the position of the beam spot and the shape of the spot.
The spotlight of the spotlight flashlight is as follows: the center spot is small and round, and the flood area is weak. The floodlight area and the center spot are clearly demarcated, and several annular apertures (halations) often appear at the outermost periphery of the spot. Excellent spot, the center rule is round, no black spots, and the boundary is clear.
Advantages of concentrated light flashlight: concentrated light, long-range effect, suitable for long-distance illumination.
Disadvantages of concentrated light flashlight: less flooding in the vicinity, uneven light distribution. The concentrating portion of the center spot is very glaring when used at close range.