Using a flashlight to identify jade quality

- Jul 09, 2016-

We will assist in the identification of various instruments for the determination of jade, but in addition to these scientific identification instruments, the flashlights used in our daily life can also be used to identify jade. Using the different light, different angles and illumination methods of the flashlight can identify the true and false quality of the jade. Let me introduce it to you.

First, the flashlight is placed close to the surface of the jade, and the internal texture and thickness of the crucible are observed. If the surface of the Hetian jade is illuminated with a strong light flashlight, light transmission occurs and the beam is very clearly concentrated. However, if it is irradiated with marble or glass and quartzite, the light will be mixed and scattered. In addition, the flashlight is translated around the jade, and the structure of the jade can be observed to be uniform by the uniformity of its light transmittance.

Secondly, with a strong light flashlight, you can clearly observe the density of the jade and the fineness of the grain. You can illuminate the flashlight on the side of the jade without a leather surface. If the jade is at a 45-degree angle between a few centimeters, then The fragile structure in the jade can be observed by continuous movement to judge the delicateness of the jade.

Finally, the usual method is to use a flashlight to observe the impurities inside the jade and the cracking. Point the flashlight on the jade and see if there are any impurities, black spots and cracks inside. There will be different refraction reactions depending on the light.