Teach you how to buy a mini LED flashlight

- Apr 26, 2017-

Mini LED flashlights generally have exquisite and compact features. Some good quality mini LED flashlights cost hundreds of dollars. The exquisite appearance and practicality are the gifts.
In the face of the market's exquisite products, how to choose? The author believes that it is first necessary to clarify the positioning and needs of this type of flashlight.
A. Reliable quality, solid and durable; small enough, easy to carry; best to be connected with the key and mobile phone, so it is not easy to lose, it is convenient to use
B. The brightness is suitable, it is best to have two gear positions, that is, ‘highlighting’ and ‘lower volume’ can simultaneously balance a certain endurance;
C. The light source of the flashlight is preferably medium white light, and the light color is natural.
D. Finally, the appearance is beautiful, and the lighting and shifting design is reasonable.