Overview of the development of emergency lighting

- Aug 23, 2017-

The fire emergency evacuation lighting technology in Europe and the United States has developed earlier and faster, and is in a leading position. Although China started late, its development is also very fast. At present, there are many enterprises in China that produce fire emergency lighting fixtures, but there is still a certain gap between product quality, performance and varieties compared with developed countries. In addition, engineering design also has problems such as high cost, difficult construction, and poor control. Now, the self-contained power supply independent control type fire emergency luminaire is the main emergency luminaire product in China; the concentrated power supply centralized control type fire emergency luminaire widely used in large projects in developed countries, which is widely used in the market, is produced by only dozens of enterprises in China. The number of products only accounts for more than 10% of the total, and the supply is in short supply; the centralized control type with power supply, the independent control of the mother and the power supply, the centralized control of the mother and the power supply, and the fire emergency lighting products of the mother and child power control are still in China. There is no mature product, it can not meet the actual needs, and the product structure is unreasonable.