LED flashlight smart self-defense weapon

- Sep 27, 2016-

High-tech light source in the 21st century, with high efficiency, long life, not easy to break, environmental protection, low power consumption, high lumen parameters (commonly speaking, bright concentration, brightness is much higher than ordinary flashlight) LED flashlight is not comparable to ordinary flashlight. LED flashlights now have more than just lighting and explosion protection.

When a person encounters difficulties, the SOS (salvation signal) and flashing function of the LED flashlight come in handy. The big forest is very easy to get lost. Even if someone goes to find you, it is not a time for a while. solved. So SOS will emit a very powerful light with the same message as the Morse code. For reasons of work, girls may face the opportunity to go out to socialize alone. In the middle of the night, there was no one around the road home. When suddenly there was a drunk or unscrupulous person, what should I do? How can I help myself succeed in escaping the clutches? The flashing function of the flashlight can be used to temporarily lose the visual effect and to escape.

The five-speed design of the LED flashlight, except for the flashing, is highlighted (or glare), medium bright, and low light. Although the bright and low light does not have a bright brightness, the highlighting function may not be used under any circumstances. So the function of medium bright and low light is indispensable. Some people think that SOS International for help, flashing and other functions are redundant, and even LED flashlights can be said to have too many functions, but Xiao Bian believes that this reflects the company's operational philosophy and people-oriented design ideas.

The LED flashlight is user-friendly, and it is considered very comprehensive for every kind of people. With such a flashlight, there is only absolute profit and no possibility of losing money. Regarding the LED flashlight, I believe you definitely have some understanding.