LED Flashlight Performance

- Jun 14, 2018-

It is understood that LED flashlights have just stepped into China and used many world-leading technologies. For example, the design of the split style that simplifies the charging method, the SOS emergency call and the tactical switch, and the waterproof, dustproof, and anti-scratch and other functions are very powerful in terms of safety performance and product functions.

Professionals pointed out that it is hoped that more high-performance LED flashlights will be added to the general consumer life lighting. From another perspective, with the promotion of the government's low-carbon green policy and the promotion of consumers' concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, low The sales of carbon, high-performance LED flashlights will have a greater development.

According to reports, LED flashlights on the premise of energy saving, in order to achieve the effect of high-brightness lighting, the use of nano-colloidal lead-acid batteries. Such batteries use nanotechnology heat to treat and modify the surface layer of the powder, and the sol-gel method monitors the interference factors of the sol-gel production process to increase the total amount of the colloidal electrolyte to achieve the purpose of increasing the capacity of the battery. The battery leakage liquid and the electrolyte body are prevented from being separated and the corrosion rate is reduced.