LED flashlight category

- Mar 08, 2016-

1) The light intensity is variablely adjusted, and the light is controlled to be a strong light file, a weak light file, and a flashing file by the same button;
2) Various forms of power supply, there are No. 5 AA batteries, No. 7 AAA batteries, rechargeable batteries, manual charging;
3) Light intensity of various grades, which is realized by voltage, and the voltage range is generally 0.8 volts - 3.7 volts;
4) There are waterproof and non-waterproof types;
5) A variety of shapes, portable and hand-held, can also be divided into right angle, straight, head activity;
6) According to the purpose, it can be divided into security, mine flashlight, ordinary flashlight;
7) Including other auxiliary functions, such as charging a mobile phone, with a knife, a pen-like type;
8) According to the effect of heat dissipation, it can be divided into aluminum alloy shell, stainless steel shell, iron shell, plastic shell and so on. Of course, if the heat is good, the light decay will be much smaller.