LED car light advantage

- Aug 18, 2018-

LED work lights are used in automotive systems with the following advantages:
High color saturation makes the output light clearer and softer, in line with the characteristics of automotive headlight applications.
Long service life, durable and shock-resistant, can exceed 10,000 hours, while traditional halogen lamps generally last for about 300 hours.
High efficiency and less extra loss. Compared with the traditional heat dissipation system of traditional lamps, it can be seen that the heat loss of LED lamps is much smaller, and the conversion efficiency can reach more than 85%, which is especially suitable for the future design concept of car focusing on energy saving.
The response speed is fast. Unlike traditional incandescent light, HID lamps require a longer drive lighting delay, reflecting the car conditions and road conditions in real time, leaving the driver with a longer judgment time and reducing vehicle safety accidents.
Small in size and light in weight, it can realize smaller and more elaborate lamps, saving more space for other models.

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