Led car lamp production process and accessories and precautions in the production process

- Mar 13, 2018-

A LED working lamp for a vehicle, comprising a lampshade, an LED lamp bead, a lamp back shell, a heat dissipating component connected to the LED lamp bead, a driving circuit and a power plug connector connected with the driving circuit, the lampshade and the heat sink are connected, the LED lamp bead is The driving circuit is electrically connected, and the heat dissipating component comprises a front heat dissipating component and a rear heat dissipating component. Compared with the prior art, since the heat dissipating component includes a front heat dissipating component and a rear heat dissipating component, the heat dissipating area is larger, and the overall heat dissipating effect is better than the single integral heat dissipating , you can use high-power LED lamp beads to meet the brightness requirements of the LED led work light.
1. The front heat sink is connected to the rear heat sink.
2. The rear part of the rear heat dissipating component is provided with a plastic plug.
3. The rear shell is an aluminum back shell
4. There is an EMC protection circuit between the drive circuit and the LED lamp bead.
The technical difficulty of 5LED automotive work light production is relatively high. One is the choice of LED. Now the general LED brightness is difficult to reach a certain level, and the lamp is strictly required for the light shape and the corresponding point of illumination. LED quality control and light calibration.
For automotive lights, the requirements for signal lights are relatively simple compared to headlamps, but mainly solve the problem of uniform light of LEDs, that is, how to make the output light of LEDs evenly distributed, and to solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED work lights. After the LED work light is made, it needs to go to the corresponding institutions for performance testing and CE certification.