How does the spotlight of the flashlight look good?

- Nov 14, 2018-

Flashlight concentrating means that the light emitted by the illuminator is concentrated, the center spot is small, the illumination angle is small, and the illumination per unit area is high, so the long-range effect is obvious, and the floodlight means that the light is evenly dispersed, the illumination area is large, and the central spot is compared. Large, a certain distance is low illumination.
Luminous flux (lumen): It can be understood that the total light emitted by the light source is similar to the pressure, so it is easy to understand.
Light intensity (candela): It can be understood that the light is bright at a certain distance and a certain light receiving area, similar to the pressure per unit area.
The spotlight of the spotlight (XENO F42, G42, etc.) is bright, and the brightness outside the center spot is extremely low. It is suitable for hunting and special outdoor work. When selecting the spotlight flashlight, the main light intensity is Candela, not just watching How much lumen is the luminous flux.
However, blind pursuit of long-range distance is also meaningless. Even if a long-range flashlight reaches 300 meters, the human eye cannot see the object 300 meters away in the dark environment. If you simply pursue the long-range effect, don’t care if You can see the object, it is recommended to choose a laser flashlight. The spotlight illumination area is small, the light can not spread evenly, especially for daily use, bicycle night riding, etc. The angle of view is too small, the center spot is too glaring, and the surrounding environment is not clear.