Emergency lighting applications

- Feb 21, 2018-

The first type of application of emergency lighting is emergency lighting in non-fire conditions. Because there was no fire in the environment at this time, and the power of the normally lit power failed, the lighting was suddenly stopped. At this time, the environment suddenly becomes dark, and for some ongoing work, it cannot be stopped suddenly, so it is necessary to temporarily do some processing. For places where people are concentrated, the darkness makes people feel fear, and people need to evacuate as soon as possible. These places should be restored to a certain brightness as soon as possible, and obvious evacuation instructions are required. Normal lighting is unable to continue to provide illumination for these places because of the failure to supply power. This requires an additional design of lighting. An additional power source that is independent of the normal lighting power source.

The emergency lighting of the second application condition is emergency lighting in a fire situation. Even if there is a fire in the environment at this time, the daily lighting power supply is still in normal power supply, and daily lighting is present, but the existence of normal lighting will definitely help the fire and evacuation, which will have a negative impact. Other power supply lines that are considered by fire-fighting equipment include normal lighting power supply lines. After the normal lighting is cut off, in order to fire-fighting operations and personnel evacuation, an additional set of lighting is required, and the lighting belongs to the fire-fighting load, and the power supply is independent of the normal lighting power supply.