Development history of flashlight

- Feb 08, 2017-

Development of flashlight
Edison invented the light bulb, and Faraday invented the battery, which is the true invention of the flashlight. However, the light-emitting performance of the bulb is very unstable. When it is dark, the English flashlight is called “Flashlight”. Until the late 1960s, after the appearance of alkaline batteries, the “lighting” function of the flashlight was truly completed.

First generation flashlight
Features: Tungsten bulb + alkaline battery, with surface electroplated iron as the outer shell: the first generation of flashlight, we commonly known as "old-fashioned flashlight", this bulb is generally used tungsten filament incandescent bulb, low luminous efficiency, short service life, Easy to burn out. The battery uses a large alkaline battery, which has a large volume and low endurance. The outer casing of the flashlight is a surface-plated iron sheet, which is light in weight but simple in process.

Second generation flashlight
Features: The bulb is filled with protective gas + high-performance battery, and aluminum alloy is used as the outer shell material: the second generation of flashlight has a new breakthrough in both performance and appearance. A typical representative of the second generation of flashlights is the use of xenon bulbs + alkaline batteries, longer lamp life, longer battery life, aluminum alloy as the outer shell material, and the surface is oxidized, the process is fine, the appearance is beautiful The color is rich and the texture is very good. Another typical representative is the use of xenon bulb + lithium ion battery, the bulb has a longer life, the brightness is greatly improved, the color temperature is higher, and the new concept of "tactical flashlight" is proposed for the development of flashlight. Open up a brand new market.

Third generation flashlight
Features: The application of new lighting technology - LED. At the color temperature, it has reached an unprecedented height, close to and even exceeds the color temperature of white light, and the power consumption is even lower. The most important feature of the third generation of flashlights is the use of LED bulbs. Because of the structure of the LED itself, the reliability is better. The lighting mode is also the first to appear on the flashlight. Once launched, it is very popular.

Fourth generation flashlight
Features: Built-in open programmable intelligent control chip, custom lighting mode through special software - smart flashlight.