Led Flashlight Torch For Emergency

Led Flashlight Torch For Emergency

·【Multi-Use】:This pocket-sized handheld light illuminates even the tightest spaces with a power you wouldn’t expect.
·【Project plus】:The ergonomic handle and large button make it easy to operate this ruggedly powerful flashlight…even while wearing gloves.
·【Work Light】:This flashlight functions as a handheld or hands-free work light and delivers bright, uniform light to any workspace.
·【Task Light】:A rugged, take-anywhere LED flashlight that delivers bright, uniform light to whatever task is at hand.
·【Magnetic Headlamp】:1 headlamp, 2 functions: Wear it as a headlight, or detach and mount this magnetic light for hands-free task lighting.

Product Details

Led flashlight Torch for emergency


*【BRIGHT BEAM】: Delivers up to 300 lumens of powerful light with a beam distance that reaches up to 115 meters. Great for camping, hiking, walking the dog, construction jobs, emergency, and power outages.

*【LONG-LASTING RUN-TIME】: Customized light modes give you a runtime of up to 6. 5 hours (on high) or up to 65 hours (on low) - so you won't be caught in the dark.

*【SMART-DIMMING LED】: Energizer Smart Dimming feature controls light intensity for power-saving capabilities. Simply hold down the power button to adjust the beam to the desired intensity.

*【ENERGIZER POWER】: Tough as nails task light works with 2 Energizer MAX AA Batteries (BATTERIES INCLUDED) - so you have the power you need, right out of the box.

*【MAXIMUM DURABILITY】: The Durable body can withstand drop after drop from up to 2 stories high (7 meters), so you don't have to worry about losing light for the toughest jobs.

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