Freshener Metal Decoration Vent Car Fragrance

Freshener Metal Decoration Vent Car Fragrance

·【FULL SCENT CUSTOMIZATION】: Since everyone has different scent preferences, Lavore has included 12 UNSCENTED sponge sticks that absorb and dispense any desired essential oil or perfume allowing for complete power over your vehicle’s smell.
·【ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY】: Lavore diffusers are made of metal alloy that will last you a lifetime. Our cotton sticks are natural and safe to use for everyone. Designed for all vent types and vehicles.
·【SLEEK AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN】: Lavore Essential Oil Car Diffuser Vent Clips blend seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior. The vent clip is sturdy and strong, which doesn’t allow for slipping. The rate at which your scent is dispensed is easily adjusted on the diffuser’s end, and allows for total control of the strength of your fragrance.
·【ESSENTIAL OIL BENEFITS】: Essential Oils are safe for babies as well as pregnant women, and have numerous health benefits that can affect your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Lavore Essential Oil Car Diffuser Vent Clips are the perfect upgrade from the popular chemically created air fresheners.
·【GREAT GIFT】: The Lavore diffuser is a luxurious air freshener that is the perfect gift for any occasion. Their full customization ability ensures that everyone will love their diffuser, no matter their scent preferences.
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Freshener Metal Decoration Vent Car Fragrance


*【New Exquisite Design】:The custom car vent clip designed a newly Long cylindrical type brings you a different Visual effects. Drops your favorite essential oil giving you a joyable mood and slowing down fatigue when you driving.

*【Unique Rotating Design】:The top and bottom of our car clips have different sizes of diffuser hole, you can rotate the white dot-marked end to control the concentration of aromatherapy. When you want a faint scent, you can turn off the diffusion port.

*【Widely compatible】:Silicone wrapped clip to avoid scratching the car vent but can clamp firmly.not limited to use in the car, suitable for universal vehicle vents,easy to install.but also for bathroom, office,kitchen,bedroom, pet houses and more.

*【More Choice】:According to different scent preferences, our car diffuser vent clip has included 12 UNSCENTED refill sticks that absorb and dispense any desired essential oil or perfume with longer lasting fragrance allowing you more aroma choice over your vehicle’s fragrance.

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